Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program

DDR Conference 2013
History and Experience of Post-Conflict Reintegration
and Stabilization
Speakers' Biography

Alex Comninos is a researcher focusing on the internet and human rights. He has published research on various issues including the Arab spring, freedom of association and peaceful assembly online, cybersecurity, intermediary liability, mobile banking and African political economy. He is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography at Justus Liebig University in Giessen Germany, his doctoral research focuses on the use of crisis mapping in the Middle East and North Africa. He has an MSocSci in International Relations from the University of Cape Town.

Kamal Sedra is the Managing Director of DISC (Development and Institutionalization Support Centre), a Middle East-based organization working in the field of Human Rights, Freedom of Expression and Civil Society. He is also a Senior Technical Advisor at ICT4Peace Foundation, an international organization based in Switzerland focusing on enhancing the performance of the international community in crisis management through the use of ICTs that facilitates effective communication between peoples, communities and stakeholders involved in crisis management, humanitarian aid and peacebuilding. Sedra is also a digital activist, blogger and a digital media, crisis mapping, and digital security trainer and consultant. He has previously worked with a number of regional and international NGOs and spoke at Human Rights and ICT conferences including the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference in San Francisco 2011, regional Internet Governance Forums (Tunisia, Kuwait and Azerbaijan) in 2012 among others.

Amira Yahyaoui is a Tunisian human rights activist who has been working for the past decade to promote rights in Tunisia. Following the revolution in early 2011, she continues to focus on freedom of expression, with an emphasis on anti-censorship. Amira was Sawt Mostakel candidate in the Tunisian election earlier this fall, as a head of an independent youth list. She is currently working to create the Tunisian Parliament Monitor, an NGO which will supervise the Tunisian parliament structure to monitor the deputies, advocate for the respect of human rights in the constitution, and educate people to take part in the political life of the country. She recently participated in the World Economic Forum in Jordan, held in the fall of 2011, as part of the newly-founded Global Shapers Community



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