Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
March 2012
Regional Activities

Consultation with Regional Economic Communities on the African Union DDR Capacity Program

TDRP Conference

On February 21 and 22, 2012, representatives from 10 Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Regional Mechanisms for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (RMs) met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the invitation of the African Union Peace and Security Department, the UN Office to the African Union (UNOAU) and the TDRP. The meeting was the initial consultation about the 3-year AU DDR Capacity Program (AU-DDRCP), which is to be launched in early 2013. Participants heard the objectives and proposed activities of the AU DDRCP,  and contributed their experience with DDR in their respective regions.  On the second day, they provided input into an outline of the AU-DDRCP Program Document, which will be drafted jointly by the AU and the TDRP and presented for validation to RECs and RMs in September 2012.

As part of the AU-DDRCP, the TDRP is funding the participation of 4 AU officials to a DDR Planning Course organized by the Norwegian Defence International Center (NODEFIC) in Oslo.

TDRP Conference

Link to AU Peace and Security website

Conclusions of the Consultation
(PDF 116KB)

DDRnet Seminar: Sustainable Reintegration of Ex-Combatants: Shadow Economies and Cross Border Trade

TDRP ConferenceOn February 23, the TDRP organized the second seminar in the series "Sustainable reintegration in the context of shadow economies". Thirty participants gathered in Addis Ababa to listen and exchange on the topic. They heard presentations on:

  • foreign armed groups in the DRC and their exploitation of natural resources
  • the reintegration results and lessons from MDRP and TDRP
  • assessing reintegration in unstable and informal economies in the DRC, CAR and South Sudan
  • the impact of the war economy in the COMESA region, and
  • cross border trade between DRC and its neighbors.

Visit the seminar page to view the presentations.

A dissemination note from this event will be issued next month.

DDR Operations
New Publications

CARCentral Africa Republic: Community Reintegration Project

TTL: Bernard Harborne
Financing: $8.6 m tdrp logo, $2m JSDF

The 4 implementing NGOs (ACTED, IRC, Première Urgence and Solidarités) together disbursed $1,587,553 in February, or 18% of the project grant amount. A Bank support mission is planned in April.

RWANDARwanda: 2nd Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters -
$8m IDA, $2 m Government of Rwanda,$ 4.5 m MDTF
flags, $4.5 m tdrp logo

A Bank support mission in Kigali in February and March (with TDRP members) will report upon its return, in particular about the soccer tournament that the RDRC organized as part of social reintegration activities, which saw the victory of Kigali against Rusizi 5 to 1. The tournament had 8 teams comprised of community members and ex-combatants which competed against each other until the finals on Friday March 2.


Rumours of Peace, Whispers
by Guy Lamb, Nelson Alusala, Gregory Mthembu-Salter and Jean-Marie Gasana

An assessment of
the reintegration of
ex-combatants into civilian life in North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri. Democratic Republic of Congo.

Related News

WB opens Global Center on Conflict, Security and Fragility
in Nairobi

“Our Nairobi ‘hub’ represents a strategic shift in the way we help fragile and conflict affected countries, and will make us more flexible and smarter about how we can improve people’s lives in desperate situations”. Caroline Anstey, WB Managing Director.

The Bank has mobilized more than 690 staff to work in fragile countries across the globe, and has provided more than US$5.9 billion in zero-interest loans in reconstruction support to these countries since 2000.

Read the Bank news release of
Feb. 24

Technical Assistance
Democratic Republic of Congo

Implementation Completion and Results Report for the Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program (2004-2011)

A TDRP team is preparing the EDRP ICR, covering the 7-year project that demobilized close to 110,000 combatants and helped to support their reintegration. The project was financed by two IDA $100 and $50 million) and an MDRP grant of $100 million. ICR review meeting is planned for March 14.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Support to MONUSCO DDRRR Activities

Due to legal hurdles, the proposed project to support MONUSCO's activities of repatriation, resettlement and reinsertion of foreign armed groups in eastern DRC cannot go forward. The TDRP is examining other ways to provide support to the UN mission in DRC.

South Sudan
Central African Republic

Support to BINUCA

(BINUCA is the Integrated Office of the United Nations in CAR)
The TDRP is supporting BINUCA's efforts to identify civil society partners to implement reinsertion and reintegration activities in CAR.The TDRP will hire three consultants for a period of three months, who will assist with the mapping of partners and appraisal of the reintegration process. It is expected that the consultants will start work in April.

Upcoming Events
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14 March: ICR Review Meeting for the DRC Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program

18-24 March: Training course on DDR Planning for 4 African Union Officials - Norway


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