Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
May 2012
    Regional Activities

TDRP mission to eastern DRC. April 23-27

A 4-person TDRP team visited eastern DRC (Goma) in late April to meet with the MONUSCO DDRRR team and plan the ongoing collaboration between the TDRP and MONUSCO.

This support is part of the TDRP's regional activities since it will address some of the repercussions of the presence of the LRA that still roams the cross border regions of DRC, South Sudan and CAR.

The TDRP support will take different forms:

  • Individual staff or consultants working directly with the MONUSCO staff based in Goma in support of operations, and database management, including training.
  • Recruitment of an international NGO specializing in psychosocial support to ex-combatants to increase MONUSCO's capacity in this area.
  • Enhancing communication and sensitization following an assessment of these activities..
  • Preparing a concept note for a reception center in the Dungu area for LRA adult returnees (children already have access to such facilities)
  • Supporting the populations affected by the LRA through building the capacity of local economic associations (the TDRP is currently preparing a concept note).

Support to associations in LRA Affected Areas

Answering the call from the international community to support the populations affected by the LRA, the TDRP is preparing a regional response covering three countries. In the DRC, it will collaborate with MONUSCO as described above. In Northern Uganda and CAR, the TDRP is developing activities to support economic associations for the most vulnerable populations. In Northern Uganda in particular, the project will train female ex-combatants and female community members in setting up and managing economic associations. The associations will provide opportunities for more secure livelihoods for the women, who often face the most severe hurdles (based on stigma or gender). In the CAR, the project under development would focus on communities most affected by the insecurity in the east of the country, supporting economic associations and providing psychosocial support to those in need.

  DDR Operations
CARCentral Africa Republic:
Community Reintegration Project

TTL: Bernard Harborne
Financing: $8.6 m tdrp logo, $2m JSDF

The Project closing date has been extended to June 2013. Implementing partners continued the purchase and distribution of equipment, seeds, and tools to beneficiary communities.

CARRwanda: 2nd Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters
$8m IDA, $2 m Gov. of Rwanda,$4.5 m MDTF
flags, $4.5 m tdrp logo

No activities in April due to the Genocide remembrance celebrations.

 Technical Assistance
ROCRepublic of Congo

Republic of Congo Support to consolidation of peace in the Pool region

Following the TDRP visit to RoC in late March/early April, the team continued supporting the High Commission for the Reinsertion of Ex-Combatants in RoC in the preparation of the project document. Once finalized, the HCREC will submit the proposal to the Ministry of Finance to get funded (expected in the fall 2012).

  New Publications

Ex-Combatants Economic Associations in the Republic of Congo (PDF 651KB)
Collective microprojects and revenue creation (in French)
by Dr. Natacha Lemasle

Ex-Combatants Economic Associations in the Republic of CongoFollowing her research on the same topic in the DRC, Natacha Lemasle conducted a study on the economic associations of ex-combatants in the Republic of Congo (called “collective microprojects”). In the RoC, certain features made the collective experience different than in the DRC (for example, the limit to the number of members in an association to ensure it remains manageable). Dr. Lemasle also found that the inclusion of non-ex-combatants in the associations was less prevalent, maybe resulting in limited social benefits.

Upcoming Events

May 7-11: Joint visit to African Union Peace and Security Department by TDRP, UNOAU and AfDB

May 15: Launch of TDRP independent Mid-Term evaluation (final report expected in July)

May 20-25: Joint mission to South Sudan (AU, TDRP, and technical experts from a few DDR commissions in the GLR) to provide support to the SSDDR Commission in the development of its information, counselling and referral system (ICRS)

June 25-26: TDRP Trust Fund Committee meeting in Paris.

New videos

Burundi videoView the video recording of the BBL organized on April 25 on “Can we profile ex-combatants to improve reintegration Programs: Findings and recommendations from several Uganda studies

Lessons of reintegration studies in Uganda interview with  Dr. Anthony FinnLessons of reintegration studies in Uganda interview with
Dr. Anthony Finn



Quarterly Progress Report - January-March 2016 34th TDRP Quarterly Report
October - December 2017
pdf (PDF 573 KB)
Quarterly Progress Report - July-September 2017 33th TDRP Quarterly Report
July - September 2017
pdf (PDF 591 KB)
Quarterly Progress Report - April-June 2017 32th TDRP Quarterly Report
April - June 2017
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Quarterly Progress Report - January-March 2017 31th TDRP Quarterly Report
January - March 2017
pdf (PDF 502 KB)
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