Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
July 2012
    Regional Activities

New Cross Border Stabilization and Recovery in LRA affected countries

To respond to the instability caused by the presence of the rebel group LRA in the border areas of DRC, CAR and South Sudan, the TDRP team is preparing a new regional program to support populations in these areas. The Cross Border Stabilization and Recovery (CBSR) program will have 6 components and cost approximately $4.6 million. Some of the support has already been put in place, in particular seconded staff to MONUSCO to support their DDRRR operations in eastern DRC, recruitment of consultants to support BINUCA in CAR, and an assessment of sensitization and radio messaging to see where the TDRP could add value. The TDRP has also launched technical programs to support economic associations and cooperatives in the affected areas in Uganda, and will expand this to DRC and CAR in the coming weeks.  As part of its support to the AU regional initiative against the LRA, the TDRP also participated in the meeting of the International Working Group on the LRA hosted by the UN in New York on June 28.

Great Lakes Peace Cup:  Four national teams make their way to the finals

Great Lakes Peace Cup: Four national teams make their way to the finalsThe TDRP is sponsoring a regional football tournament, the Great Lakes Peace Cup, to promote peace and reconciliation within and among participating countries. The teams are comprised of former combatants and community members.

With the victory of Uvira (South Kivu) over Béni (North Kivu) on June 16 in Goma (DRC), the first phase of the Great Lakes Peace Cup was completed. In Burundi on June 9, Bubanza upset the team from the capital Bujumbura to win their ticket to the finals. The 4 participating countries (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC) now each have a national champion that will represent them in the regional final, scheduled for September 21 and 22 in Kampala, Uganda.

Players from Bubanza celebrate their victory over Bujumbura in the Burundi Peace Cup final.

The two teams from North and South Kivu get ready for their final in Goma
The two teams from North and South Kivu get ready for their final in Goma
Players from Bubanza celebrate theirvictory over Bujumbura in the Burundi Peace Cup final.

  DDR Operations
CARCentral Africa Republic:
Community Reintegration Project

TTL: Abderrahim Fraiji
Financing: $8.6 m tdrp logo, $2m JSDF

An implementation support mission took place from June 1 to 11 in CAR, comprised of two African Union DDR staff and three TDRP staff. The mission served to hand over the project to the new TTL, Abderrahim Fraiji, and meet with government officials and local partners. Beyond the supervision of the project, the team discussed DDR in more general terms, including practical support to BINUCA, the UN agency that oversees DDR in the country.

A plot of land has just been planted. Jan. 2012

Field visit to Kaga Bandoro where the International Rescue Committee implements the Project.


Rwanda: 2nd Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters
Financing: $8m IDA, $2 m Gov. of Rwanda,$4.5 m MDTF
flags, $4.5 m tdrp logo

A WB mission with TDRP participation started in late June. Report from the mission in the next update.

  New videos

Great Lakes Peace Cup in Uganda

Burundi videoThe tournament took place in May 2012 opposing 8 teams in the provinces of Gulu, Arua and Kitgum. Winterbury FC from Guly won the Peace Cup title and will represent Uganda in the Regional Final.

Community Reintegration Project in CAR

DRC videoSolidarités International, one of four implementing partners for this project, works with the communities in Kabo to promote agriculture and improve livelihoods.

 Program Management

The TDRP has launched a mid term evaluation for which the firm Universalia (Canada) was selected competitively. The exercise will assess how far the TDRP has come with regards to its original objectives, how efficient it has been and what directions and recommendations can be made for the future of the Program. Final report will be done in July.

The 6th Trust Fund Committee meeting took place in Paris on June 25/26, 2012. Mr. El Ghassim Wane, Director of the African Union Peace and Security Department, presented the work that the TDRP, with UN partners, has been doing to build up the AU's DDR Capacity. The TDRP reported on its activities over the past 6 months.

 Technical Assistance

The TDRP provided technical assistance to the Technical Coordination Team in Burundi on M&E and MIS.

  New Publications


Assessing the Reintegration of
Ex-Combatants in the Context of
Instability and Informal Economies - (PDF 1.4MB)

Sustainable Reintegration of ex-combatants: Shadow Economies and Cross-Border Trade The cases of Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan
This study is based on research carried out in late 2011 in the three countries. It presents a literature review on reintegration in general, an assessment of the specificities of post-conflict economies, and the reintegration experience in CAR, DRC and South Sudan. It ends with a comparative analysis of reintegration into the informal economy in the three countries.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 21/22: Regional Final of the Great Lakes Peace Cup. Kampala, Uganda

Sept. 24/28:  African Union DDR Training, organized jointly with UNDPKO and UNOAU. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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