Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
September 2012
double issue covering July and August 2012
    Regional Activities

4th Annual Meeting of UN DPKO/SPM/UNDP Senior DDR Officers. Addis Ababa

TDRP Manager Abderrahim Fraiji presents during the annual UN DDR Officers meeting in Addis.
TDRP Manager Abderrahim Fraiji presents during the annual UN DDR Officers meeting in Addis.
(photo DDR section, DPKO)

The TDRP Manager was invited to the June 10-15 annual meeting of UN Senior DDR officers in Addis Ababa. During a working session, the participants aimed to identify possible joint initiatives and action plans in Central African Republic (CAR), Cte d'Ivoire, Libya and South Sudan. Proposed areas of cooperation included the capacity-building of national institutions, provision of local economy and labor market analyses, technical support for effective reinsertion and reintegration program design and implementation.

African Union DDR Capacity Program: DDR training

Collaborating with the UN DPKO and UNOAU, the TDRP team prepared for the first AU DDR training aimed at representatives of the 10 Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms for Conflict prevention and management. The September event will also provide an opportunity for RECs and RMs to validate the AU DDRCP program document, paving the way for the next steps: resource mobilization and launch in early 2013.

  DDR Operations
CARCentral Africa Republic:
Community Reintegration Project

TTL: Abderrahim Fraiji
Financing: $8.6 m tdrp logo, $2m JSDF

A TDRP mission traveled to CAR from July 2 to 11 to continue to monitor the project’s progress. The four implementing partners are implementing rehabilitation activities (roads as well as basic infrastructure) and vocational training for agriculture (delivery of seeds and training on agriculture techniques). The team spend three days in Paoua in the northwest of the country to visit the activities of ACTED and Premières Urgences: A few kilometers of the Paoua-Taley road have been rehabilitated and agricultural vocational training is underway. The first harvest is planned in three months. ACTED has helped to build a market in Bedaké, a bus station and a slaughterhouse in Paoua.

The team delivered a training session on WB procurement practices. The disbursement rate reached 39%.

Road rehabilitation near Paoua close to  the border with Tchad (photo Ben Burckhart/World Bank)

Road rehabilitation near Paoua close to
the border with Tchad

(photo Ben Burckhart/World Bank)

Construction of a market in Paoua (photo Ben Burckhart/World Bank)

Construction of a market in Paoua
(photo Ben Burckhart/World Bank)


Rwanda: 2nd Emergency Demobilization and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters
Financing: $8m IDA, $2 m Gov. of Rwanda,$4.5 m MDTF
flags, $4.5 m tdrp logo

A mission traveled to Rwanda from June 28 to July 6 to assess implementation progress and to provide technical assistance to the project in the construction of production workshops for disabled ex-combatants. Demobilization and reintegration activities are progressing well. The mission visited the Mutobo demobilization center and found that it continues to respond efficiently to an increased demand for demobilization.

The project provided training on resource mobilization to all registered cooperatives with ex-combatants, and has organized peer-to-peer learning tours between cooperatives. At the end of June, the project organized a competition among cooperatives as it has done in previous years. The most inclusive and job creating cooperatives received prizes. The project continues to provide tailored support to vulnerable groups, including children, women, and disabled ex-combatants through Vulnerability Support Window Grants. During July and August, the project conducted orientation campaigns to inform vulnerable ex-combatants on the next training cycle. Starting in September, vulnerable ex-combatants will be trained in various trades through vocational training and apprenticeship.

 Program Management

Universalia, the independent firm selected to carry out the TDRP mid term evaluation, produced a first draft report in July. The report will be finalized and shared with TDRP donors and partners in the fall 2012.

  New videos

Community Reintegration Project in CAR

Video-Community Reintegration Project in CARFrench version
of the video on
the Community Reintegration Project
in CAR

 Technical Assistance


During the July mission to Bangui, the TDRP met with BINUCA staff several times to agree on the support to be provided. The TDRP will strengthen the BINUCA DDR capacity through the recruitment of international and local experts (six in total). They will work on LRA activities (based in Bangui and Obo) and reintegration activities. The TDRP will also recruit a DDR expert to support the African Union mission to CAR.


Following a government request, a TDRP mission visited Chad from July 11 to 14 to provide technical assistance to the WB resident mission on the reinsertion of demobilized military personnel. Next steps will include consulting donors who could potentially fund the governemnt's program, and potentially additional TA from the TDRP to the Chadian government.


The TDRP provided support to the DDRRR team at MONUSCO to:

1. operationalize and deploy Sunrise, the new management information system specially designed for MONUSCo, and complete training of UN staff on its use

2. provide technical support on foreign armed groups, in particular FDLR and LRA

3. train MONUSCO and IP staff on identification and treatment of mental health problems linked to situations of violence.

ROCRepublic of Congo

On July 25, a TDRP mission visited Brazzaville to continue to support the preparation of a peace consolidation project for the Pool region.

ROCSouth Sudan

A TDRP mission visited Juba from July 22 to Aug. 17 to assist the South Sudan DDR commission (SSDDRC) with the preparation of the Reintegration Implementation and Operations Manual (RIOM). The mission met with key stakeholders including the SPLA, UNDP and UNESCO to collect information for the Manual. It traveled to Torit on July 25 to gather inputs from members of the DDR State Office.  The draft RIOM was presented to the SSDDRC on August 13 but issues remain to be resolved prior to finalization.

  New Publications


12th TDRP Quarterly Report (April - June 2012) -
(PDF 1.64MB)

12th TDRP Quarterly Report (April - June 2012)During the 2nd quarter 2012, the TDRP continued support to the African Union's DDR Capacity Program, held the 6th Trust Fund Committee meeting, and launched an independent evaluation into its activities.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 7/15: TDRP mission to Central African Republic

Sept. 17: African Union/TDRP meeting on DDR in South Sudan. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sept. 21/22: Regional Final of the Great Lakes Peace Cup. Kampala, Uganda

Sept. 24/29:  African Union DDR Training, organized jointly with UNDPKO and UNOAU. Validation workshop of the AU DDR Capacity Program document. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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