Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
November 2012
(Covering October 2012)
    Regional Activities

Assessment of stabilization and rehabilitation needs is on track

The Assessment of stabilization and rehabilitation needs in the areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic (CAR) and Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) affected by the Lord's Resistance Army is on track. The TDRP is conducting this assessment in close coordination with AfDB, in support of the AU Regional Initiative against the LRA and the UN regional strategy on the LRA. A preliminary assessment mission to ROSS was conducted in early October as planned. Similar mission to the DRC and CAR will be conducted in November and December 2012, respectively.

Implementing partners begin work on the pilot study exploring the empowerment of socio-economic associations/cooperatives in LRA affected areas

The pilot study on the empowerment of socio-economic associations/cooperatives is moving forward in Uganda, DRC and CAR. The TDRP selected implementing partners Triodos, Caritas and Jupedec respectively as well as M&E partner ILPI. In Uganda, Triodos has carried out inception field work to identify the women economic associations to benefit from this pilot. In DRC, inception reports were received, identification of associations to benefit from the pilot began and the pre-assessment was started. In CAR, Jupedec has started with project preparation and are in the process of selecting the beneficiary associations/cooperatives and collaborating and coordinating closely with ILPI-MDF including in their work on the pre-assessment.

TDRP - Cooperative Members Working in DRC

Cooperative Members Working in DRC

TDRP/Logica family study to explore the impact of families on reintegration moves forward

The FQEI continued to work with LOGICA on the initiation of an in-depth qualitative study examining family dynamics during the process of reintegration of ex-combatants in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. The study is being launched with the execution of an in-depth qualitative survey employing anthropological techniques and a methodological design finalized at a multi-country level workshop was conducted in Naivasha in late September. Each country team is led by a senior anthropologist and includes local researchers based in each country. The teams will commence research late November and will continue through April.

TDRP - Family Compound

Family Compound

Single, all-inclusive database of beneficiary and community dynamic information to provide new insights

A team from George Washington University is currently combining the databases from the most recent ex-combatant beneficiary and community dynamic studies into one all-inclusive database. For the first time one database will house this information in a comparable and usable framework, unveiling a breadth of potential new information to inform resilience, recovery, and DDR programming, planning and further research. The data is anonymous. To date, data from the Republic of Congo, DRC, Uganda and Burundi has been incorporated, with Rwanda to be included shortly.

African Union DDR Achieves Important Milestone: AU DDR Capacity Program 2013-2015 document issued

Africa Union LogoOn October 31, 2012, the AU Commission for Peace and Security issued the final version of the AU DDR Capacity Program 2013-2015 (AU DDRCP) document and funding proposal. This milestone marked the successful completion of the preparation phase of this program that the TDRP has supported since October 2011 together with DPKO and the UNOAU. The TDRP will continue to support implementation of the AU DDRCP in 2013.

Technical Assistance

ROCSouth Sudan

Facilities at Mariel Bay in Wau,  South Sudan


Facilities at Mariel Bay in Wau,
South Sudan

A TDRP mission visited South Sudan from October 8-26.  The team worked with the South Sudan DDR Commission in identifying reintegration opportunities for the Pilot Phase of the SSDDR Programme. Through meeting with stakeholders and utilizing the research and profile data, the team explored livelihood activities in line with the experience and interests of the ex-combatants while keeping in mind relevant market realities.  Potential activities fell within rural farm, rural non-farm and urban categories and recommendations continue to be informed by additional data and feedback.  The TDRP also continued its technical assistance to the SSDDRC through ICRS development and preparations.


From October 8-19 IDA carried out a mission to Burundi to discuss with Government counterparts and donors the extension and additional financing of the Burundi Emergency Demobilization and Transitional Reintegration Project.  In particular the mission, (i) discussed and prepared a proposed non-cost extension of the project, and (ii) pre-appraised additional activities related to the provision of housing to disabled ex-combatants.

CARCentral African Republic

A TDRP mission visited the Central African Republic from September 30 to October 5. The main objective of the mission was to consult and to conduct work sessions with the Country Management Team (CMT) on the ongoing preparation of a Stabilization Action Matrix (STAM). The STAM is a coordination and support tool conceived together with the CMT in June 2012. The STAM ties together time bound priority actions and analytical work through which the TDRP supports the CMT in increasing the fragility responsiveness of operations and the related coordination with the African Union, BINUCA and other development partners. In this context, the mission: (i) conducted meetings with BINUCA and the AU Liaison office to follow-up on technical assistance provided by the TDRP to these organizations; (ii) met and briefed the relevant in-country partners and fora on the ongoing joint World Bank/AfDB regional recovery needs assessment of LRA affected areas; and (iv) met with the GoCAR DDR Technical Team to discuss the recent progress on disarmament (D1), demobilization (D2), reinsertion (R1), and reintegration (R2) programs throughout the country.


A joint TDRP, European Commission (EC) and French Cooperation mission went to Chad from September 3 - October 16. The objective of the mission was to define the assistance Development Partners can provide to the CODEREM (the Chadian National DDR Commission). It was agreed during the mission that the EC will provide funds for a reintegration program and the TDRP will provide technical assistance to the CODEREM. Based on the findings of the mission, the TRDP technical assistance will comprise of two components: (i) capacity development in data collection, processing, analysis and computerized information management, (ii) organizational and institutional capacity building. The TDRP team is now working on the implementation of those two components and an implementation mission is planned for November 2012.

  DDR Operations

CARCentral Africa Republic
Community Reintegration Project

TTL: Abderrahim Fraiji

Financing: $8.6 m tdrp logo, $2m JSDF

A support mission provided assistance to the Financial Management department of each of the Implementing Partners (IPs) in Bangui from October 17-27. This mission was part of the agreed Technical Assistance that the TDRP is providing to the Project. The TDRP consultant assisted the IPs on the submission of their Withdrawal Applications and on the preparation of the Interim Financial Report (IFR) for the quarter that ended in September 2012. Finally, the consultant is preparing a procedures manual for IFRs and Withdrawal Applications that will be shared with the IPs especially to address the issues when a new staff arrives onboard, and therefore to ensure a smooth transition.

CAR Rwanda:
2nd Emergency Demobilization
and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters

Financing: $8m IDA, $2 m Gov. of Rwanda,$4.5 m MDTF
$4.5 m
tdrp logo

Demobilization and reintegration activities are progressing well in Rwanda.  A TDRP supported mission took place in October to support the next Payment Verification Survey and the next Tracer and Community Dynamics Survey.


Upcoming Events

Nov 12-23: DRC mission for the Assessment of stabilization and rehabilitation needs in the areas affected by the LRA

Nov 13-16: Mission to Rwanda to prepare proposed one year non-cost extension of the Rwanda SEDRP

Nov 26: TDRP will participate in the DPKO Input Colloquium on DDRRR of LRA: Building a Regional UN Approach through Enhanced Partnerships

Nov 26-Dec 7: Mission to Cote d'Ivoire to launch the Technical Assistance to the ADDR (DDR Commission)

Nov 26-Dec 9: Implementation Support Mission to Rwanda

Nov 27-Dec 20: Mission to Chad to launch the Technical Assistance to the CODEREM (DDR Commission)

Nov 30-Dec 15: CAR mission for the Assessment of stabilization and rehabilitation needs in the areas affected by the LRA



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