Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
December 2012
(Covering TDRP activities in November 2012)
    Regional Activities

LRA Response Coordination Activities Continue

The fieldwork for the preliminary assessment of recovery needs in areas affected by the Lord's Resistance Army was conducted in the DRC by a TDRP team in Dungu (North of Oriental Province). The team met MONUSCO head office, all UN agencies, the traditional authority, the church, local and international NGOs, local administrative and political authorities, CICR head office. The TDRP is conducting this assessment in close coordination with AfDB, in support of the AU Regional Initiative against the LRA and the UN regional strategy on the LRA.

Input Colloquium on DDRRR of LRA, 26 November, Addis Ababa

In addition the TDRP participated in the UN-DKPO Colloquium on DDRRR of LRA: Building a Regional UN Approach through Enhanced Partnerships. The meeting focused on the elaboration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The meeting included UN agencies as well as partners from CAR, UG, DRC and South Sudan.

TDRP - Attendees of UN-DKPO Colloquium on 

Attendees of UN-DKPO Colloquium on

Empowerment of Socio-Economic Associations & Cooperatives

Implementing partners continued their work on the pilot study exploring the empowerment of socio-economic associations/cooperatives in Uganda, DRC and CAR. In Uganda, following the completion of scoping activities and consultations during November, TDRP partner Triodos has identified the Women's Economic Associations (WEAs) across Gulu, Kitgum and Pader to receive training and follow-up advisory services through local partners Zoa and Gulu University. Trainers have been identified and are due to commence the training of trainers program during the first week of December. Training modules are currently being finalized and shall be ready to initiate the training of WEAs in early January. In CAR, the implementing partner Jupedec has informed local authorities and humanitarian partners in the project area about the pilot, and local partners have expressed great interest in the project because of the psycho-social component and the work with associations to improve their livelihoods. Jupedec also conducted a workshop for project staff and identified 36 out of 50 associations, of which 12 are new associations. Training activities will start as of December 7. In DRC, Caritas has recruited all project staff. The pilot project “Peacebuilding through socio-economic empowerment of Orientale, DRC” has started activities Dungu. Local authorities and partners were informed on the pilot project. 50 out of 50 associations were identified and a workshop for project staff was conducted. Training activities are commencing in December and so is the work on the baseline survey for both CAR and DRC.

LOGiCA/FQEI Family Study

Learning on Gender and Conflict in Africa Program (LOGiCA)The FQEI continued to work with LOGiCA on the initiation of an in-depth qualitative study examining family dynamics during the process of reintegration of ex-combatants in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. The study has been launched with the execution of an in-depth qualitative survey employing anthropological techniques. A senior anthropologist is coordinating the execution and supervision of the study, working in coordination with local research teams in each country.  Research teams finalized the methodological design of the study at a multi-country level workshop in Naivasha in late September. Country teams launched the pilot phase of the study in early December, and with research expected to continue through May, 2013.

Study on ICT & Social Media in DDR

The FQEI team is collaborating with the Institute for Security Studies and researchers from the Safety and Violence Initiative at the University of Capetown to host a conference in Durban in either February or March 2013. The purpose of the workshop is to showcase preliminary findings of a TDRP-funded study investigating the potential role ICTs and Social Media might play in DDR programming specifically and in crisis response activities in general. The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners with expertise in the field to discuss initial results emerging from the first phase of the study, to link this study with other ongoing, relevant initiatives, and to propose additional potential areas for investigation. The study was initially launched in July, 2012 and is currently being conducted in South Sudan, Uganda and the Republic of Congo.

Building of MONUSCO Capacity to Establish Psychological Support for Former Combatants

Capacity building was continued by the Consultant firm this month despite security challenges in Rwanda and DRC. Phase two of this effort, training of trainers and supervised treatment, is ongoing in Goma despite the extremely volatile security environment.  A recent World Bank Implementation Support Mission to the Rwanda DDR Program looked in detail into the repatriation-reinsertion-reintegration flow of child and adult XCs from the UN in DRC into the destination communities in Rwanda and found tight and consistent record keeping in place.

TDRP - Official visit with the embassies of Sweden, Netherlands, the KFW, AFTCS and TDRP representatives to the
Muhoza Child Ex-combatants Rehabilitation Centre TDRP - Official visit with the embassies of Sweden, Netherlands, the KFW, AFTCS and TDRP representatives to the
Muhoza Child Ex-combatants Rehabilitation Centre

Official visit with the embassies of Sweden, Netherlands, the KFW, AFTCS and TDRP representatives
to the Muhoza Child Ex-combatants Rehabilitation Centre

Technical Assistance

CARDemocratic Republic of Congo

The security developments of November and December in the DRC are sufficiently serious to raise severe concern over the regional security situation and impacted the TDRP work in the area. Despite these major challenges, both the assessment of recovery needs in areas affected by the Lord's Resistance Army and continued capacity Building of MONUSCO were conducted in November in the DRC.In addition, the TDRP participated in the World Bank Exploratory Mission to the Eastern Region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (4-15 November, 2012). In view of the destabilizing impact of continued conflict and insecurity in eastern DRC on the development prospects of the country as a whole, and as a complement to ongoing projects aimed at reducing vulnerability, this World Bank mission worked to identify opportunities for strengthening institutional and societal resilience and peace consolidation in the eastern provinces within the framework of the FY2014-2017 Country Assistance Strategy (CAS).

Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire

A TDRP mission visited the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in early November (5-10) to assess the situation of the DDR in the country. The main findings of the mission were that there is: (i) a consensus among all stakeholders that an all-inclusive DDR process including a component on community rehabilitation needs to take place and, (ii) the ADDR (DDR Authority – the national DDR commission) requested the TDRP to provide some Technical Assistance.

As an immediate follow-up the TDRP went back to Côte d'Ivoire from Nov. 26 to Dec. 07 to define the type of Technical Assistance needed and to start to implement it. During the mission, the TDRP worked with the ADDR to prepare a framework and details what needs to be done and when. The TDRP will accompany the ADDR during the entire preparation process on the various documents and manual required before implementing the DDR program.

TDRP - TDRP mission team attending ADDR meeting with their partners

TDRP mission team attending ADDR
meeting with their partners


In November and December 2012, an international disability expert has been providing technical assistance to the project to strengthen the planning and delivery of medical support to disabled ex-combatants. From December 9 to December 20, a World Bank mission was conducted to (i) finalize and process the one-year non-cost extension, (ii) provide implementation support, and (iii) plan additional activities. Individual economic reintegration of ex-combatants has been completed, and economic reintegration activities now focus on support to economic associations. The one-year non cost extension of the project until December 31, 2013 is being finalized.

CARRepublic of Congo

TDRP met with the new High Commissioner to the Reintegration of Ex-Combatants (Haut Commissaire a la Reintegration des Ex-Combattants (HREC)) in Brazzaville at his request. The commissioner indicated that be plans to invite the TDRP for a Bank office of Brazzaville.

Technical Assistance

ROCRepublic of South Sudan

The TDRP consultant team continues to work on a pilot reintegration program for Phase II DDR in South Sudan. In November they further developed the pilot programme design and returned to South Sudan from November 27-December 13. This mission was conducted to test the pilot design through focus groups with soon to be ex-combatants and communities of intended return as well as through meetings with DDR stakeholders. A total of seven focus groups were conducted, spread between Rumbek in Lakes State and Wau in Western Bahr el Ghazal. The design was presented to stakeholders in a working session on December 11.  The TDRP also continued its technical assistance to the SSDDRC through ICRS development and preparations.

TDRP - XC Focus Group in Rumbek

XC Focus Group in Rumbek


A TDRP mission is currently in Chad to launch the Technical Assistance that will be provided to the CODEREM. The two main activities during the mission will be: (i) the finalization of contracting an organization to do the census and profiling of the 5,000 demobilized to receive reintegration and, (ii) start the mapping of economic activities for the reintegration.

  DDR Operations

CAR Rwanda
2nd Emergency Demobilization
and Reintegration Program

TTL: Pia Peeters

Financing: $8m IDA, $2 m Gov. of
Rwanda,$4.5 m MDTF
$4.5 m
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From November 13-16, a World Bank mission was conducted in Rwanda to prepare with project counterparts and donors, the proposed one-year non-cost extension of the project. This mission was then followed by a World Bank implementation support mission from November 26 to December 20 to provide support to the project in the implementation of demobilization and reintegration activities. The one-year non-cost extension until December 30, 2013 is being finalized. 


Upcoming Events

Nov 26-Dec 20: Mission to Rwanda for Implementation Support

Nov 27-Dec 20: Mission to Chad to launch the Technical Assistance to the CODEREM (DDR Commission)

Nov 30-Dec 15: Mission to CAR for the Assessment of stabilization and rehabilitation needs in the areas affected by the LRA

Dec 10-19: Mission to CAR to assess the situation in the North East and continue the work on the Stabilization Action Matrix



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