Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program

March 8th: TDRP Annual Trust Fund Committee meeting, - World Bank, Paris
The objectives of the Donors Meetings are to discuss status of TDRP programming, country updates, institutional capacity building results and overall lessons learned from the TDRP. The meeting will also discuss approaches to ensure that knowledge and experience generated through TDRP be best used to strengthen future work in the fields of DDR and stabilization.


December 2nd 2013: South Sudan Pilot Project Briefing Berlin, Germany

September 19th 2013: Screening of Scoring for Peace at the World Bank - Preston Auditorium

June 05/06 2013: Conference on History and Experience of Post-conflict Reintegration and Stabilization

The two-day conference, which will be co-hosted with the African Development Bank (AfDB), will take place on Wednesday-Thursday, June 05-06, 2013 at El Mouradi Hotel Africa in Tunis, Tunisia. Through two large partnership programs—the Multi-country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (2002-2009) and the TDRP (2009-2013)—the World Bank has been involved in demobilization and reintegration activities in Africa for more than 10 years. The wealth of experience from implementing, researching and evaluating DDR programs in the Great Lakes region and beyond is a valuable resource to the larger community of DDR practitioners. Some of the results and lessons from recent studies and programs on reintegration in Central African Republic and Rwanda will be presented at the conference, along with the perspectives from other organizations including the AfDB and African Union. Through this sharing of experiences and lessons, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of DDR in post-conflict contexts and to the larger reflection on the question of peace cnsolidation once DDR has been completed.

1 May 2013: First Screening of Scoring for Peace - World Bank headquarters
TDRP held its first screening of Scoring for Peace on May 1st, 2013 at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC. More than 100 audiences attended the premiere. The executive producer and the director of the documentary introduced the stories behind the scenes. Mr. Colin Bruce, Director of Strategy and Operations- Africa Regional Office of the World Bank, also offered a keynote speech at the screening.

13/16 November 2012: Mission to Rwanda on the Rwanda SEDRP

28/29 September 2012: Validation Workshop of the African Union DDR Capacity Program (DDRCP). Addis Ababa

24/26 September 2012: African Union - DDR Training Session for member states, Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms for conflict prevention, management and resolution. Addis Ababa

25/26 June 2012: TDRP Trust Fund Committee meeting. Paris

2 May 2012: Seminar: Demobilization and Reintegration of Reporters in Uganda: Results and Consolidation of Achievements. Kampala
Program and presentations

25 April 2012: Lunchtime Seminar: Can we profile ex-combatants to improve reintegration programs? Findings and recommendations from studies on the Uganda DDR program - Washington DC
Video recording of this event

23 February 2012: DDRnet seminar "Sustainable Reintegration of ex-combatants: Shadow Economies and Cross Border Trade" - Addis Ababa
Meeting Note

21/22 February 2012: African Union initial consultation of Regional Economic Communties about its DDR Capacity Program - Addis Ababa

25 January 2012: TDRP Trust Fund Committee Meeting - Washington, DC

24 January 2012: Conference Consolidating Peace After Conflict: The Future of DDR - The World Bank - Washington, DC. See the Conference documents and video

14-15 September 2011: Workshop on Strengthening national ownership in DDR programs - Addis Ababa

27 June 2011: International Working Group on the LRA - Washington, DC

16 June 2011: TDRP Trust Fund Committee meeting - Paris

8 June 2011: Presentation of MDRP Final Report to SIDA colleagues - Stockholm

13 January 2011: International Working Groups on Foreign Armed Groups - Brussels

16 December 2010: DDRnet Seminar: The sustainability of DDR in the context of shadow economies (a report will be available after the second seminar in this series)

11 October 2010: Presentation and discussion around the MDRP Final Report with French Development colleagues - Paris

6 October 2010: International Working Groups on Foreign Armed Groups - Brussels

5 October 2010: Presentation and discussion around the MDRP Final Report with Belgian Development colleagues - Brussels

17 June 2010: DDRnet Expert Seminar: Foreign Armed Groups in the Great Lakes - The LRA - Washington, DC

25/26 May 2010: Trust Fund Committee Meeting - Paris

30 April 2010: DDRnet Expert Seminar: Foreign Armed Groups in the Great Lakes - the FDLR - Brussels

29 April 2010: DDRnet Expert Seminar: the politics of demobilization - Brussels

January 29, 2010: Consultations with counterparts from the seven countries covered by the TDRP (video conference)



About TDRP
About TDRP

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TDRP Program Paper and Operational Procedures
TDRP Program Paper and Operational Procedures
November 2009

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