Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program

The TDRP facilitates dialogue, information exchange and learning to address the regional aspects of conflict, improve the quality of post-conflict demobilization and reintegration efforts, strengthen coordination on policy and programming, and generate lessons for future programs.

In order to enhance knowledge transfer and sharing, TDRP produces studies that provide insight into the DDR and stabilization field as well as lessons learned from DDR projects. The TDRP organizes annually a conference on DDR and stabilization affairs to foster knowledge sharing and bring together experts and practitioners working in thematic areas related to DDR and stabilization programs. The TDRP also participates in conferences and workshops to exchange knowledge with international organizations, governments and non-government organizations. Through pilot projects, TDRP aims to develop innovative initiatives and tools that are piloted to explore new, sustainable and effective approaches to DDR and stabilization programs.

Conference on History and Experience of Post-conflict Reintegration and Stabilization in Tunis   Scoring for Peace follows the stories of Ismael, Safari and Okello, three young footballers on a quest to win Africa's first Great Lakes Peace Cup. Two of them are ex-combatants and the third was abducted with his mother and released by the LRA when he was an infant. A 50-minute documentary, Scoring for Peace reveals the power of football as a peace-building and reconciliation tool in communities affected by violent conflict.MAKING VOCATIONAL TRAINING WORK: A Study of Vocational Training in DDR - RWANDA - Dr. Anthony Finn · David Baxter · Murat Onur


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