Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program
TDRP, Partners Discussed South Sudan DDR in Nairobi, Kenya
March, 2014
TDRP, Partners Discussed South Sudan DDR in Nairobi, Kenya

Representatives from the World Bank/TDRP, South Sudan National DDR Commission (NDDRC) and Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) met in a two-day workshop on March 4 and 5 at the World Bank offices in Nairobi. World Bank staff from the South Sudan country office also participated in the workshop's open sessions.

Presentations by Mr. William Deng Deng, Chairperson of NDDRC, Mr. Majur Mayur, Deputy Chairperson of NDDRC, Mr. Aki Stavrou, Sr. Conflict and Development Specialist at the World Bank/TDRP, and Mr. Wolf Christian, Head of Section - Advisory Services at the BICC, provided the audience with the partners' assessment of the current situation, lessons learned from the Pilot DDR program and the areas that need attention in the next phase of DDR in South Sudan.

The meetings were very productive and the main outcome of the event was the partners' stated commitment to including DDR in the South Sudan peace talks and restructuring the DDR Program in South Sudan to account for changed realities. The participants underlined the existing partnership and close coordination between the partners as a key to success in DDR. The TDRP has been asked to provide technical assistance to the NDDRC on DDR during the peace negotiations. TDRP will also work with NDDRC and BICC to prepare a new reinsertion and reintegration strategy moving forward.





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