Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program

The overarching goal of the TDRP is to promote peace and security, which in turn will create the right conditions for stability and development. TDRP's work is clustered around three activity areas:

  1. Providing technical support for the implementation of existing demobilization and reintegration programs,

  2. Expanding demobilization and reintegration coverage by providing emergency financing for new D&R operations or ongoing programs with funding gaps,

  3. Facilitating dialogue, information exchange and learning to address the regional aspects of conflict, improve the quality of demobilization and reintegration efforts, strengthen coordination on policy and programming, and generate lessons for future programs.

The work of the TDRP can be categorized in two areas:

  1. 1.

    Operations and Technical Assistance covering regional and country activities

  2. 2.

    Knowledge Management covering studies, pilot projects and promoting dialogue.

About TDRP
About TDRP

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TDRP Program Paper and Operational Procedures
TDRP Program Paper and Operational Procedures
November 2009

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